Your Partner for Oleochemical Purification.

When you purchase MAGNESORB®, an adsorbent purifier produced by The Dallas Group, you get more than just our product.

We offer our customers more than adsorbent purifiers to remove naturally occurring and reaction by-product contaminants from oleochemicals. We offer a fully integrated program that includes product, training, delivery, performance, and support.

Our experts work with a broad range of oleochemicals including specialty esters, lubricants, surfactants, and specialty oils and fats. Let us work with you to develop a strategy that will quickly and economically optimize your oleochemical purification process.

Benefits of MAGNESORB®:

  • Total Acid Value Reduction
  • Glycerine Removal
  • Metal Ions, Metal Catalysts, and Heavy Metals Removal
  • Soap Removal
  • Odor Removal
  • Color Reduction
  • Undesired Polar Contaminants Removal
mangesorb oleochemical purification